The chart below represents FarmYield DAO tokenomics distribution.

FarmYield DAO
Tokenomics Breakdown
  • 17% (170,000,000 tokens) is allocated for marketing and partnership campaigns to build awareness and incentivise other projects or individuals to collaborate or integrate with the platform, thus expanding the DAO's reach and potential use cases.
  • 12% (120,000,000 FYD tokens) is allocated for liquidity on Centralised and Decentralised exchanges to ensure sufficient trading volume and liquidity to support the tokens' value.
  • 8%(80,000,000 tokens) is allocated for public and private sales.
  • 7% (70,000,000 tokens) is allocated to Ecosystem development. This includes Staking, Liquidity Farming, Gaming, and Earning rewards. This will incentivise users to hold and use the FYD tokens, including the gaming-related features that provide additional utility for the tokens.
  • 29% (290,000,000 tokens) is allocated to the Insurance Vault (Treasury) to shield virtual farmers and farms from unexpected events, ensuring the project's sustainability and longevity.
  • 15% (150,000,000 tokens) is allocated to the team and advisors, who will offer strategic guidance and their technical expertise to the DAO.
  • 10%(100,000,000 tokens), is allocated to ongoing platform development, including research, coding, testing, and auditing.
  • 5% (50,000,000 tokens) is allocated to the community rewards programmes to incentivise early adopters and supporters of the project.