Commercial farmers or small-scale farmers who wish to expand their farms can submit a proposal to obtain funding as a loan from the FarmYield DAO community.

FarmYield DAO

The verification team will verify the proposal and then submit it to the community (FYD Holders) to vote on it. If the community approves the proposal, users can invest in the proposed project. However, to ensure the security of investors' funds FarmYield DAO will take a percentage (percentage to be decided by the community) of the acquired funds as insurance. The funds will purchase FYD and be locked in the insurance vault. In case of non-payment because of any natural disaster, funds from the insurance vault will be used to refund investors. To further reduce the risk, part of the funds will be disbursed to the farmers as products from our partnered agrochemical companies. This will ensure most funds will go directly to purchasing farm inputs.

Virtual farmers (investors) who invest in any farm (community-managed farms or farms funded under 'a') will receive an NFT certificate they can use to obtain a loan from partner crypto loan platforms. Virtual farmers who get loans with NFT certificates can only redeem their investment after their loan payment status changes to TRUE.