Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FarmYield DAO?

    FarmYield DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation that focuses on supporting sustainable farming practices and promoting food security through the use of blockchain technology.

  • FarmYield DAO operates through a blockchain project that empowers sustainable farming and supports small-scale farmers through a decentralised autonomous organisation. Investors support sustainable agriculture while small-scale farmers are able to access affordable financing. The platform features a marketplace that connects farmers directly with consumers, a farm-based NFT collection, and a fun, educational farming game. As a DAO, FarmYield is committed to transparency and community governance, thereby allowing users to participate in decision-making and benefit from the platform's growth and success.

  • By joining FarmYield DAO, you become part of a community that is working towards a common goal of promoting sustainable farming practices and improving food security. Members can propose and vote on initiatives, which allows for democratic decision-making. Additionally, members can invest in farms within the network and have their investment insured through the DAO token.

  • To join FarmYield DAO, you will need to purchase and hold a certain amount of the DAO's native token. The specific requirements for membership may vary depending on the current rules of the DAO.

  • FarmYield DAO supports a variety of initiatives that promote sustainable farming practices and improve food security. These may include initiatives related to education and training, research and development, and funding for sustainable farming projects.

  • Funds within FarmYield DAO are managed through smart contracts, which are programmed to ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose. Members can propose and vote on how funds should be allocated, which allows for democratic decision-making.

  • The DAO's native token serves as a means of participation and governance within the organisation. The token also serves as means of payment within the marketplace, a reward for gamers and insurance for investors.

  • FarmYield DAO offers insurance cover for investments made in farms within the network. This is designed to mitigate risks associated with farming, such as crop failures or natural disasters. The insurance is funded by the DAO's treasury and is distributed to farmers who have suffered losses due to unforeseen events. This ensures that investors in the farms are protected from potential losses.

  • When a farmer within the network suffers a loss due to an unforeseen event, they can apply for insurance coverage through the DAO. The DAO's governance mechanism will then evaluate the claim and determine the appropriate amount of compensation. The compensation is funded by the DAO's treasury and distributed to the farmer.

  • The specific types of events covered by the insurance may vary depending on the current rules of the DAO. However, typically the insurance covers events such as crop failure, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events that may result in loss of income for farmers.

  • Farmers within the FarmYield DAO network who have received investments from the DAO may be eligible for insurance coverage. The specific eligibility criteria may vary depending on the current rules of the DAO.