FarmYield DAO

FarmYield DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) protocol is a blockchain project that operates through a decentralised autonomous organisation to empower sustainable farming and support, small-scale farmers. It enables investors to support sustainable agriculture while small-scale farmers can access affordable financing. The platform features a marketplace that connects farmers directly with consumers, a farm-based NFT collection, and a fun, educational farming game. As a DAO, FarmYield is committed to transparency and community governance, allowing users to participate in decision-making and benefit from the platform's growth and success.

Token Use Case

The token name is FarmYield DAO, and the symbol is FYD and 18 decimals. FarmYield DAO token FYD is a governance and utility token within the FarmYield ecosystem. The token has a maximum supply of 1 000 000 000. The token has four main use cases outlined below.

  • Governance

    The token gives holders voting rights over proposed revisions to smart contracts and allows them to have their voices heard in changing how the protocol operates. Token holders can submit or vote on submitted proposals.

  • The FYD token will serve as the resource for payment for all transactions on the platform. Users can pay for farm produce with FYD. Features like the FarmBook will also require farms to pay for access using FYD.

  • Running a farm or ranch involves risks and uncertainties. Thus, to help manage these risks, the Insurance vault feature covers crops, livestock, farm machinery, income and operations. The Insurance protects against the adverse effects of floods, accidents, drought, fire and pest infestation. Every virtual farmer must hold FYD to access 1-14% insurance coverage. However, if a Virtual Farmer doesn't have FYD and wants to farm (invest in a farm within the network), the farmer will pay for a 15% insurance cover. Insurance rates are to be decided by the FarmYield DAO community.

  • The token also serves as an incentive for gamers within the FarmYield ecosystem. As these gamers compete for the highest scores in the game, the scores are converted into FYD and paid out to gamers. The gamers need FYD to make in-game purchases. It also serves as an incentive for community members who play various roles in growing the user base of the FarmYield ecosystem.

FarmYield DAO

FarmYield DAO Ecosystem

A New Era of Agriculture Investment Built to Build Stronger Communities Through Sustainable Agriculture - Join the revolution.

FarmYield DAO

The first decentralized farming platform with the potential to change the world.

FarmYield DAO
FarmYield DAO

FarmYield DAO Farm Concept


The FarmYield DAO team and the community value the environment and take key interest in protecting it because it is our only habitat and we will take various initiatives to protect it. One of the many initiatives to be undertaken is the "Green Reward Project".

Green Reward Project

FarmYield DAO

About The Project

The "Green Reward Project" is an initiative that aims to promote afforestation and sustainable environmental practices. The project is designed to incentivize individuals to participate in planting and maintaining trees by offering rewards in FYD (FarmYield DAO token)....
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Partner With Us

Partnering with FarmYield DAO will enable you to support sustainable farming and empower small-scale farmers while benefiting from decentralised finance and community-driven governance. As a partner, you will also have the opportunity to contribute to a more equitable and resilient food system while potentially benefiting from the project's growth and success.